Sunday, February 1, 2009

Want Our Produce? Here’s How:
CSA Membership - Most of our customers buy our produce by paying in the spring for a membership in our CSA. If you would like to be notified as soon as shares are available for the 2009 season, email us at

One Time CSA Member - If your not sure weather you want a season long share, customers can purchase a one time share of vegetables.

Workshare - Pick your own veggies! Work three hours or more at the farm, and take home a “share” of produce fresh-picked by yourself. Each week that you work, you take home the same share of produce that a paying CSA member would take. Please see below for the guidelines on being a workshare at the farm.

Our Harvest:
We grow a wide variety of vegetables. Here’s a sample of what your shares might include throughout the growing season:

May - June: Salad greens, beets, radishes, collards, spinach, and you-pick strawberries.
July - Sept: Zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, basil, eggplants, cucumbers, beans and garlic.
Sept. - Nov: kale, butternut squash, salad greens, carrots, collards, spinach, beets and radishes.

The Risks:
Be aware that there are a few reasons why a CSA share might not be right for you. We cannot always plant exactly the vegetables you want in every season. Even if we did, we cannot predict the changes in weather, pests, and the myriad other circumstances that shift the fortunes of every farm, year to year. A CSA share is great for someone who is willing to try new foods, and can adapt their recipes to suit the vegetables they have at hand. Our farm cannot create the selection you have at a grocery store, so don’t purchase a share if you’re not able to be a little adventurous in the kitchen.

Share Options:
If you are interested in being a shareholder in 2009 please send an email to and check the blog for updates.

Reduced price shares are available throughout the season to those who can not afford full cost. Weekly payments are accepted if total sum can't be payed all at once. We just ask for those to pledge in advance their agreement to purchase a share on a weekly basis. Also for those who live within a three block radius of Downtown Farm Cooperative / Huerta del Centro we offer a free weekly delivery service to your door every Saturday at 12pm(time is negotiable)

17 week CSA, begins Saturday, May 23 through September 12

$285 for 17 weeks, $16.76 per week.
Each week you will receive 6 different items depending on what in season.

  • each week there will be a minimum of 6 items available.
  • by joining the Winter Buyer's Co-op, your average price per item is $2.79.
  • a typical weekly share may be: 1 qt. of onions - 1 qt. of beets - a bag of carrots, etc. Regular retail would be $24.25 - Co-op member price $16.76. There will be weeks when your savings will be greater. There will never be a week when your savings will be less.

Every week we will have several extra, one time share for $25. These shares are the same size as all others and ideal for those how are unsure if they need a consistent 17 straight weeks of fresh vegetables. Due to the relatively small scale of our urban farm we only have a limited number of one time shares. We ask for people to reserve in advance, so people don't make unnecessary trips to the farm or pick up locations. Call us at - 443. 465. 8856


In our work-share program we offer a share of vegetables to any adult who works 3 hours or more. If you are interested in doing a work-share (or simply volunteering at the farm) please call (443) 465-8856 to schedule a time with us. We accept work-sharers on Saturday. We need the most help on our harvest days - Wednesday and Saturdays. We ask weekday work-sharers to arrive between 8am and 11am in order to have time to complete your four hours of work. To find us when you arrive look for a note on the shipping container or call (443) 465-8856.

For SATURDAY work-shares:
a. You MUST call ahead to sign up. Call 443. 465. 8856 between 8am and 4pm on the Thursday or Friday before the Saturday you would like to come to the farm. You will know by the end of the day on Friday if we have enough space to accommodate you as a work-sharer. If you come to the farm without scheduling ahead of time, we will not be able to offer you a share. * Please note - if you reserve a slot we are depending on you to come that Saturday. Your reservation means other people may have been turned away. We do depend on the immense help work-sharers offer, so please let us know if your plans change.

b. In order to utilize your help most effectively, please arrive by 8:15am, ready to work by 8:30am. That way we can take you to the fields all at one time and give instructions to you as a group to get started. You will work with us through the end of the harvest, usually around 12:30 or 1pm.

c. If we did not have space for you as a work-sharer, you are always welcome to volunteer on Saturday (or any week day) for any amount of hours.

Bringing KIDS on any day: While we welcome kids to visit and experience the farm - if you bring children when you want to do a work-share please understand that time spent with the kids and not working does not count towards your share hours. Also you will not receive extra shares for the kids. Some families have opted to bring two adults, which allows one to watch the kids and one to do the work-share.

We offer sliding scale shares to households or individuals who are unable to afford the full cost of our CSA share. No one will be turned down who wants to participate. Reduced price members receive the same full-sized share as full paying members; there is no differentiation at the pick up sites.

Pick Up Location & Times:
1. Downtown Farm Cooperative / Huerta del Centro: located at 1100 blk. Forrest Street (Participation Park)--Wednesday & Saturday 9am-5pm
2. 83 Farmers Market--Sunday 9am-12pm
3. Waverly Farmers Market--Saturday 9am-12pm